White Label Payment Solution

Our white label solution allows you to deliver the robust UniPay payment gateway product to your merchant clients without any brand or with your own brand. By using our technology and presenting it under your name, you’re essentially subcontracting with us to provide white label payment solution and related services to your clients and therefore allow your business to strengthen your own image and reputation in the eyes of your customers — and avoid confusing them by presenting them with services under a name other than your company’s.

Whether you’re a merchant, a reseller or a PSP, consider carefully the branding capabilities of whatever payment gateway service provider you work with. When you work with us, you can pass on the impressive UniPay gateway without our name to your clients and it can become for them a complete credit card processing solution and much more.

A Product We’re Confident In

You need not worry about the quality of our payment gateway. The UniPay white label solution provides unmatched processing and remittance functionality for your merchant-facing endeavors. By customizing the feel and look of the product with the easy-to-use API, you can offer our best-in-its-class capabilities to your clients along with your own name — one that we hope already means trust and reliability to your clients.

Payment gateways are important because most credit card processors use outmoded mainframe technology and don’t pay much attention to integration issues. Our hearty solution offers easy integration, an intelligent interface and can work with many different acquirers. Other gateways may provide some of these services, but a white label payment solution is not always available. For the best white label payment software, turning to UniPay is the smartest option.

Even when others offer a white label solution, they almost never offer complete customization capabilities, meaning what you see is what you get with few options or opportunities for changes. Our payment gateway solution offers you an easy-to-use open source gateway that can be licensed and adapted as needed.

Full Of The Features Your Clients Need

With our white label solution, your clients get full support for ACH and credit card processing over multiple platforms and in both batches and real time. Other important features include:

– Direct-to-processor integration for cost savings and the greatest possible control
– ACH and credit card processing from the same code set through intelligent transaction routing to ensure least-cost processing
– Tiered remittance for merchants, sub-merchants, agents, VARs and resellers
– A unified platform for real-time and card-present transactions, ecommerce and recurring payments
– Support for tokenization, encrypted swipes and PayPage
– Chargeback management
– Credit card account updater
– and much more.

So why settle for less? Why force your clients to settle for less? With white label payment software from UniPay, get unmatched functionality, unparalleled customization possibilities and give your clients what they need for greater ease of transaction processing than they may have ever imagined.

It’s possible with the white label solution from UniPay. Learn more about it now — and perhaps schedule your free demo.