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Need Gateway?

Try open source technology

Discover true power of the modern, robust and completely white label payment gateway, which is feature rich and user friendly. Don’t compromise the quality of your service by going with older, limiting technology.

Don’t Build
Your Own

When a white label payment gateway solution is available that can meet your needs and the needs of your customers with ease, why build your own payment processing software?

Save your company’s time and money and offer your customers a solid, proven product that can be adjusted to your specific needs and desires. There’s no need to start from scratch, and your clients will thank you for passing along the best product in the industry. 

Don’t Go
With Unsophisticated

Why choose a competing white label credit card processing option with fewer integrations when we already have integrations with most banks and other financial institutions built right in? 

Plus, our solution allows processing of echecks, international payments and more. Reinventing the wheel doesn’t make sense when you can make our industry-leading solution the white label payment processing you pass along to your clients.

Don’t Go
With Less Complete

Sure, we support credit, debit, gift cards and ACH. But our full-featured white label payment gateway also supports real-time processing, batch processing and much more.

Recurring payments, debt collection mechanisms and other advanced features are also included out of the box. Why choose something else when everything your clients could possibly need to successfully handle payments already exists and is waiting for you to brand?

Useful resources to help you:

A White Label Payment Gateway That Makes You Look Good

Choosing the wrong white label payment gateway can make your company look really bad. After all, you’re responsible for it in the eyes of your clients, no matter the source. But choosing correctly can make your company a hero, adding to the goodwill your clients already have for your company or generating some that you may be sorely lacking at the moment. 

If it’s time to turn away from white label payment processing that never quite worked for you — or time to expand the array of services you provide to your clients — it’s time to move up to the intelligent, beautiful and easy-to-use UniPay Payment Gateway

Use what we provide out of the box, add your branding or let us help you customize this solution in ways that fit your needs. Whatever your choice, we’ll stand beside you and help you make your business prosper with us as a valued vendor and partner. Your clients will never be limited in their payment processing capabilities again when you provide them our white label payment gateway solution.

So why wait any longer? Learn more about UniPay