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Recurring Revenue Business Model

    Recurring revenue management is a crucial component of every subscription-based business. Analysis of recurring income offers a wealth of significant hints and insights about business activities.

    How does a Crypto Payment Solution work?

      Crypto payment solution was associated with science fiction a few years ago. As a result, investors are now able to pay with crypto as well as accept crypto payments.

      An Open-Source Payment Platform Is the Best Option for Businesses

        The general public tends to believe the falsehood that an open-source payment gateway does not cost anything. If a new company doesn’t have much money to spend on payment processing, one option is to use an open-source solution. This however, is not the reality.

        Why SaaS platforms should use an open-source payment gateway

          An open-source payment gateway is commonly misunderstood to be a cost-free service. An open-source solution might be a good choice if a new company spends little money on payment processing. Nonetheless, this is not the situation. There are no cost-free, open-source payment processing solutions currently available. A PCI-compliant environment must be kept even if you “accidentally” find a free, open-source… Read More »Why SaaS platforms should use an open-source payment gateway