The Many Shades of the White Label Payment Solution

As the services industry is rapidly growing, there is a dire of the white label payment gateway solution as businesses want to shift to online payment options. White label payment solution is a third party online gateway that helps in solving all the payment-related issues of companies who are reliant on online transactions. This way the business dealings between the customer and the company become easier.

In today’s fast-growing online business, if you do not have a payment option that is quick and convenient, chances are that your customer might just choose another business to deal with. There are many shades of the white label gateway solution.

Advantages of using the white label gateway solutions for your business:

1. White label payment gateway solution

As a business, when you opt for the white label online gateway, it is actually the middle man or the third party that is providing the service to your customer. You are using the name and the work is done by another party. This is an ideal online payment solution to help build a name for your brand and to enhance your reputation in the market. The downside of the white label solution, however, is that as a business, you literally have zero control over the payment process. You are given no rights to add any further features to your products if you like.

2. Dedicated gateway option

When you opt for the white label payment gateway solution, you should know that there will be no hassle of any slowdowns or power breakthroughs because you are the one who has the primary authority over the system. In this gateway solution, you are able to add some new features to the product. However, one thing that still remains the same is the fact that you still have no power over the compliance of the PCI system.

3. Virtual payment gateway solution

There are main advantages of this virtual or online gateway payment solution. They are as follows:

  • There is no need to manually install the product on any server whatsoever like you would normally be required in the case of other servers.
  • There is no requirement of a PCI certificate.
  • The online payment option is powered by a cluster that is found on the nodes.
  • This particular virtual gateway payment option is less pricey than most of the gateway servers.
  • You can add as many features as you like to the product.

4. Licensed payment gateway solution

This online gateway payment solution comes with a license and a PCI certification that has an open-source code. You can literally customize it according to your needs. It is your choice if you want to use your development efforts or if you would like to resort to someone who is experienced in handling the server for you.

So, which white label payment gateway solution should you choose? Everything depends on your particular situation and business needs. If you need any guidance, feel free to contact us at