White-label Payment Gateway Guide

As you probably know, payment gateway is the only way to process credit card payments for online businesses. But white label payment gateways are getting very popular payment processing option for many businesses these days. It’s obvious that a white-label payment gateway serves not only e-commerce shops but also such industry players as software companies, independent sales organizers, various gaming platforms, casinos, etc.

A rapid and cost-effective method, the deployment of white-label payment in a number of configurations can be a complete game-changer. White-label payment gateway service also helps to save up on resources so that more can be spent on the actual product.

Advantages and disadvantages of the white-label payment gateway service

Following are some of the main advantages of this payment method:

  • The white-label payment gateway can be customized in your brand’s name only.
  • The process does not require any PCI certification or physical installation of software on servers.
  • You have an easy option to improve your product with different new features without worrying about PCI compliance.
  • The license gateway payment option is customized to your individual needs, making the integration of the service your responsibility.

With all these amazing features, the following are a few loopholes attached to the white-label gateway:

  • The gateway solution might not always cater efficiently due to overload on the system by different users from across the globe.
  • Only the interface of the white-label payment gateway solution is customizable, leaving little room for variation.

The different shades of the white-label payment gateway solution

Now, of course, both the advantages and the disadvantages of the white-label payment gateway method depend more on which one you are choosing to use. Like other electronic payment concepts, this, too has some shades of its own. Some of them are listed down here:

  • This is a third-party gateway service provider that is customized from the customer’s perspective.
  • Another good news is that like most licensed gateway products and services, it requires integration of certain processors that might interest you.
  • Being a virtual payment gateway solution, it requires less local resources to be completely supported and functioning.
  • Even though you do not have much control over the system, there are hardly any chances of a slowdown as you are the sole user of the gateway method.

Choosing the right white-label payment gateway solution

The most important thing to keep in mind when deciding which white-label payment method you want to opt for is flexibility and reliability to help boost your brand.

Hosted gateway solutions are usually better for startups and companies with limited staff. Once your business grows, you can always switch to an in-house open-source code product which can be customized as per your brand’s needs.

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