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Payment Processing Software

Every company that deals with customers must deal with payment processing, and you can make that easier for your clients by passing on white label credit card processing capabilities provided by the UniPay payment gateway product, the best payment gateway solution on the market today

Your company provides services to merchants, but you don’t offer a payment processing option. Or more likely, you offer one that simply isn’t living up to your expectations or meeting the needs of your customers.

We understand. We’ve heard about this issue before, and we exist to fill marketplace gaps just like this one.

If you think about it, very few companies escape the hassles of payment processing. If companies want to make money, they have to take payments. And if they take payments, they have to deal with processing a wide variety of transaction types from all around the world. Dealing with each type of transaction individually is a hassle and impractical for most companies, so gateways have emerged to take the hassle out of this very necessary part of doing business.

If your company provides services to merchant clients, providing a white label payment processing solution instead of confusing your customers by passing through a product with a different name can increase your company’s standing with your clients — especially if you provide a great product like UniPay. 

Benefits Of UniPay White Label Credit Card Processing

Turning to the UniPay payment gateway solution as your white label credit card processing and related services provider gives you and your customers a number of great benefits. Consider that using our white label payment processing software allows your clients to:


When you pass on our white label credit card processing capabilities, your clients need never know we’re involved. The credit rests squarely in your lap. Plus, the seamless client experience increases your customer confidence in the services from you as a whole, boosting your standing with them and potentially allowing you to increase profits in other ways based on this goodwill.

Why not contact us now and see how we can help you and your clients handle credit card transactions and related payments more quickly, more efficiently and simply better with our white label payment processing solution called the UniPay payment gateway?

We can tell you how you can see a free demonstration of our product and much more. And we look forward to helping you understand just what we can do for your clients — and for you. Learn more now